Stati Generali della Ricerca Sanitaria


The NG Detectors has been invited to the event “STATI GENERALI della RICERCA SANITARIA”  to present its project and its innovative technology. The event is organized by the Ministry of Health to be held in Rome on April 27th and […]

NG Detectors: OneStart 2016 SEMIFINALIST

Only 80 teams were selected from 17 countries in America and Europe (the top-10% of applying startups). Only 40 semifinalist teams from Europe, including APAC and Africa. OneStart semi-finalist – NG Detectors: see 1 minute pitch by Priscilla Pani, Ph.D […]

OneStart 2016 Semifinalist

GonioProbe case prototype

Gonio Probe

Current technology of gamma probe To be able to identify the deposit of radioactivity within a tissue current intraoperative gamma probes are equipped with lead or tungsten collimators, in order to shield the gamma ray detector from radiations coming from […]